National Association of Private Schools
2019 Annual Verification of Standards for NAPS Accredited Schools
Each year, each NAPS accredited school must affirm its continued compliance with the NAPS' Standards and Policies.
Your school is required to complete this form annually in order to retain its accredited status with National Association of Private Schools.
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Explanation of Annual Verification
Accreditation standards must be met on a yearly basis. The National Association of Private Schools reserves the right to withdraw accreditation from any accredited school that departs from the standards and policies of the association.

Does your School comply with the local and state laws where the school is located? *
Does the course of study for each student comply with the laws of the state in which the school resides, established traditional education, and the expectations of the educational community? *
Is the instruction or presentation of core curriculum equivalent to one and two semesters of a school year for each school year as offered in Christian, Private and Public Schools? *
Does the core curriculum include: Math, English, Science, Social Studies and other electives that make up the course of study required for graduation in the state where the school resides? *
Does credit for coursework utilize reputable textbooks, work-texts or computerized presentations designed for credit for the courses offered? *
Which curriculum is used by your school? Please list all curricula utilized by your school. *
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Does course credit reflect completion of course materials as designed by the publisher and is credit awarded in accordance to the publisher's course requirements? *
Is course completion, testing, grading, and presentation of credit for core curriculum in accordance with traditional methodology? *
Are credit requirements for graduation from High School in compliance with the course offering requirements of the state in which the school resides? *
Are the educational philosophy and course presentation of the school in accordance with Biblical teachings and moral values? *
Does the school have appointed person as the custodian of the students' academic records, in the event that your school closes? *
How has NAPS helped your school fulfill it's mission?
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