Ponderosa 2019: Food and accommodation sign-up form
Hi again. This is the last part! This is the form for booking food and accommodation at Ponderosa.

All of the details about how food and accommodation at Ponderosa works are available on the website, here: http://www.ponderosa-dance.de/accommodation-at-ponderosa.html. But it’s pretty simple. Fill in your details, choose your accommodation option, hit send, and check your email for the confirmation.

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These costs include the costs of all meals. (Participants of the Radical Abundance Ruckus, get a discount of 5 euro per day from the cost of sleeping and food as indicated below.)
Which workshop(s) are you booking for?
The list gives the titles of all 2019 workshops, the date of arrival and departure, and the number of nights you will book for. Generally, we ask that you arrive at Ponderosa in the afternoon or evening of your arrival day, and that you depart in the morning or early afternoon on your departure day. We will send you more precise arrival times closer to the event, but please contact us if you need to know more, sooner. Please check the website for further details: http://www.ponderosa-dance.de/accommodation-at-ponderosa.html. If you need to book extra days, or if you would like to book food and accommodation separately from specific workshops, please get in touch: info@seminarhaus-stolzenhagen.de.
Events in March-May
Events in June
Events in July
Events in August
Events in September-October
Events in December
Ok. Now we need you to do a little bit of maths. (Or math, dear Americans). Please take the cost of the accommodation option you have selected, and multiply it by the amount of nights you will stay, and put the answer in here. This is the total that you will pay for food and accommodation. **Participants of the Radical Abundance Ruckus, get a discount of 5 euro per day from the cost of sleeping and food. So don't forget to deduct it now. *
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Is there any further specific information that we would need to know about? Special dietary needs, medical conditions, disabilities, injuries, or anything else?
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In case of an emergency, what is the name and phone number of the person that we should contact on your behalf? *
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Where will you be travelling from to get to Ponderosa?
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If you have any questions or comments, please add them here.
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