Survey on the Quebec Breast Screening Program and Letter
This is an informal survey, to try and help improve the current Quebec Breast Screening system and communications. You do not need to be a woman or live in Quebec to complete this. The more responses the better!
Do you live in Quebec? *
Are you a woman, and what is your age range? *
What is your highest level of education? *
Have you ever had a mammogram? *
Did you know that after your mammogram, the letter sent to you by the Quebec Breast Screening Program is different than the report sent to your doctor? The report sent to your doctor is more detailed, and it contains information about your breast density, which is important to know because dense breasts often hide tumours that cannot be seen on mammograms. *
If you were to have a mammogram, following the mammogram, would you like to get a copy of the report that is sent to your doctor? *
Please read the letter below, which is sent to all women in the Quebec Breast Screening Program. In free form text, give your impression of this letter.
Your answer
Letter from Breast Screening Program
Referral that comes with the letter, signed by Dr. Masse, Director of Public Health
Concerning the letter and referral above, do you think it strange that the letter is written as if it comes directly from Dr Masse, Director of Public Health? The letter refers to "I" and "me" to mean Dr. Masse, whose signature is on the bottom. *
Concerning the letter and referral above. Do you think the language is appropriate, or is it too low-level and simplistic?
If you had been a woman who had already been treated for breast cancer, and then received this letter many months later, what would be your reaction.
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