ASCLS Key to the Future

This award serves to recognize and reward ASCLS members who have demonstrated their leadership potential to the organization, and to provide these members with structured mentoring.

The Key to the Future Program is administered by the ASCLS Leadership Development Committee and is intended to assist constituent societies in the development of potential leaders to serve at local, state constituent society, regional and national levels of the Society. Additionally, the program encourages appointments/nominations of these highly motivated members to positions of responsibility within the organization that will further their leadership development.


Recipients receive recognition and a unique Key to the Future pin at the annual ASCLS meeting.

Constituent societies are also encouraged to appoint/elect awardees as delegates to the annual ASCLS meeting.

ASCLS-WI nominees will be recognized during the Awards Ceremony at the ASCLS-WI State Convention. The names of the winners will also be published in the Badger Lab Times newsletter.


ASCLS-WI nominations for the Key to the Future Award are collected by the state society, and then submitted to the National Awards committee by the state once nominations have been determined. The method of nomination by a state society can be determined by that state society. Each state society is allowed to recognize a maximum of three (3) members per year. If more than three candidates are submitted to ASCLS-WI for the award, the state society will make the determination of those three individuals to be recognized nationally. The National committee will not make that determination.

ASCLS-WI state society President, Board of Directors, and other committee members (including the President, Past President, President-Elect) are involved in the selection process for this award.



● Must be a new member (within three years), or a longstanding member who has recently increased his/her activity with the society,

● must be an ASCLS member in the Professional I, Professional II, or Student categories of membership,

● must have demonstrated leadership potential by directing at least one task force or project, chairing a committee with significant tasks, or performing exceptionally as a constituent society Board member or local/chapter officer; outcomes of this involvement must be considered outstanding, creative and of high quality,

● may receive this award once in a lifetime.

Nominations are to be typewritten, and submitted on the following ASCLS Key to the Future Recognition Program Nomination form to the person listed on the contact page as the coordinator for this award for this year.


● Complete award guidelines can be found on the ASCLS website ( under “ABOUT US” and then “Awards and Scholarships”

● Applications for ASCLS-WI nominations may be sent to the state Awards Chair or state President.

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