SUNY Student Leadership Academy Campus Contact Sign-Up Sheet (Faculty and Staff only)
**This form is for faculty and staff only** Students would nominate themselves at the following link:

The vision is for each SUNY campus to support at least two students to attend the 2020 SUNY SAIL Student Leadership Academy.

The success of the SUNY Student Leadership Academy depends on strong connections between SUNY SAIL Institute and each of the SUNY campuses. The role of the Student Leadership Campus Liaison is intended to:
• Encourage and promote nominations of students from your campus. Nominations can be self-nomination, or you may nominate students
• Review nominations for your campus’ student population
• Coordinate fiscal support for accepted students to represent your campus and fully participate.

If you would like to be listed as a campus contact to be a liaison between your campus’ students and SUNY SAIL, add your name and contact information.
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