CDN Industry Challenges Questionnaire
Thank you for your time to review and answer the questionnaire of the CDN Alliance. The goal of this questionnaire is to validate some already found common challenges within CDN Industry that the CDN Alliance has uncovered based on the discussions since its inception on April 01, 2021. The CDN Alliance also would like to have your input to uncover additional industry challenges the CDN Alliance is not (yet) aware of to further complement the challenges the CDN Alliance should address.
The information from this questionnaire will be used to define which CDN Industry challenges the CDN Alliance should focus to get addressed, discussed, and worked on through discussion groups, study groups, and workgroups. The anonymized results of the questionnaire will be shared with all participants of this questionnaire once the questionnaire has been closed. Some of the anonymized results might be used for publication by the CDN Alliance.
Please fill in this questionnaire with what is most relevant for your situation or the company you work for. We appreciate your time and effort to fill in this questionnaire and looking forward to your feedback!
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