URGENT: Sibiu - Open Letter to all heads of State of the EU
To all heads of state of the European Union

It's been more than six months since students all over Europe started the #FridaysForFuture school strikes - inspired by Greta Thunberg. If we had received a penny every time a political leader has told us, "you cant fix climate change with national action, with one country acting going alone, we need international cooperation", then we would be rich by now.

On the 9th of May, your group of Prime Ministers, Chancellors and other Heads of State will come together in Sibiu, Romania to discuss the future of Europe. Except that there will be no future of Europe if we don’t solve the climate crisis.

So we ask: Will you talk about the climate? Will you make it a priority? Will you call it a crisis and not label it a "sustainability issue“?

We demand that you:

> Make the climate a priority.
> Set binding targets for Europe to meet the climate crisis.
> Take action for our common future.

Right now Europe and the world is witnessing a movement that has never existed before. Young people have mobilized in numbers and frequency that many considered impossible before we started.

We went for it because we are scared, because we fear that powerful people have started selling our future, and because we feel betrayed by your consistent lack of urgent action. We are a generation growing up in the middle of the sixth mass extinction, on a planet that has been damaged to an unimaginable extent. We are now facing the greatest catastrophe of human history.

This crisis has brought us - young Europeans - together. We are one, a European generation that was born into a climate crisis. And whose future depends on a European Union that recognizes their responsibility in protecting our future.

You have been telling us again and again, from Brussels to Strasbourg to Paris, that you are willing to deliver solutions in Europe to this crisis. In Sibiu, students from Romania will be joined by students from all over Europe to remind you of your words and ask you to meet us.

Currently, you are nowhere near to taking action and setting binding targets for Europe to be carbon neutral well before 2050 - which, as science tells us, is the only way forward that puts the world on a course to limit global warming to 1.5C degrees above pre-industrial levels.

The EU is the third largest emitter worldwide. The region carries an enormous responsibility, not just for our future, but for the lives of billions around the world.

Live up to that. Make the climate a priority today. It’s the only rational thing to do.

Last month you invited us to speak at the European Parliament. You said you have heard us. You said you would push for urgent action. So act. The world is watching and so are we.

Yours sincerely,

Fridays For Future across Europe:

Paula Dörr (Sibiu, Rumania)
Claudia Kamla (Sibiu, Romania)

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