CSD Learns + DKC Coding Bootcamp Registration 2023
CSD Learns + DKC Coding Bootcamp Registration is a two-week virtual experience for your middle and high school students to participate in a coding course. Students will learn alongside their peers from engaging deaf and hard of hearing mentors. This experience is designed to be self-paced for you to complete individually or as a class. You will be able to shorten the pace, or lengthen it, depending on the needs of your class.

After you register for the course our team will invite you to one of 3 town hall meetings to learn more! These town hall meetings are for educators, caregivers, learners, and anyone else curious about our upcoming virtual coding bootcamp. The CSD Learns team will give a sneak peek of the coding course in Canvas, explain the registration process, and answer any questions you may have about our coding bootcamp co-hosted by CSD Learns and Deaf Kids Code. 

--Town Hall Meeting #1 is on February 8th at 7-8 pm ET/4-5 pm PT
--Town Hall Meeting #2 is March 7th 7-8 pm ET/4-5 pm PT
--Town Hall Meeting #3 is March 29th 7-8 pm ET/4-5 pm PT

ASL Interpreters and live captioning will be provided for each Town Hall Meeting
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