Analytics Culture Assessment
Take this assessment to determine how well your organization has created a culture of analytics. Your score will be emailed to you.
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Rate your executive sponsorship for analytics.
Our organization does not have one.
Strong support by one or more executives.
Assess how your organization perceives innovation.
Innovation is nice, but not necessary.
Our organization believes in the value of innovation and provides time for employees to innovate.
Rate your data philosophy
All data should be needs to know only.
Data is open and accessible to everyone.
Rate your data environment
Disparate data systems that do not talk to each other
Meaningful data is collected. Systems talk and data is consumable for reporting and analytics.
Assess the workforce's general perspective on data.
Data is for the IT professionals.
Data is in everything we do and everyone has a data touchpoint.
Does the organization have a data strategy?
Are decisions made that support the analytics environment of the organization or individual units?
Data analysts work well with subject matter experts/the line of business?
Does your organization have a Chief Analytics or Data Officer (or an equivalent position)?
Select the approach your organization uses to data and analytics infrastructure.
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