Community Help Initiative - Corona
During this unprecedented time of uncertainty, we acknowledge that there are many people in this community who will need some extra support. As such, we have decided to create an initiative for the Sydney Jewish Community to ease the stress that they are feeling/will feel. This extends to the elderly, immunocompromised, parents at home with children, medical/health workers, those lacking a social or familial support network or even someone without a car.


- Alleviate loneliness in the community
- Provide a sense of community to those in need
- Be an outlet for support or logistical help
- Have a system in place to swiftly be able to contact as many people as possible, both the volunteers and those at risk

***In this form you can either volunteer or submit an at-risk person or ask for an errand to be performed***

• Volunteer
- To be a 'companion' and ‘buddied’ with an at-risk person to be in regular communication with them(via phone calls)
- To be a 'helper' and help with errands throughout the community
• Submit an at-risk person
- They will be ‘buddied’ with our 'companions'
• Ask for an errand to be performed
- These tasks will be sent to our 'helpers'
- Once we find someone to help with your errand, we will send them your number to be in touch to get more information

Thank you in advance for your generous help!

If you have any questions, please speak to Rabbi Dovy Rapoport (Kehillat Kadima) - 0433 424 594 or Marissa Wilk - 0439 546 680
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