Map Lab: Ratite Geoinquiry
Use the maps and the information provided from the contextual information below to complete the series of questions regarding the distribution of ratites around the world. To complete the geoinquiry use the Ratite Distribution webmap (

Context: The family of Ratites includes the species of Emu, Ostrich, Cassaway, Rhea, Kiwi, Elephant Bird (extinct), and Moa (extinct). Though varying in size the species within the ratite family share the characteristic of lacking an extended keel to their sternum. The keep typically acts as an anchor for the required wing muscles for flight, as these birds lack the keel they are flightless.
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Geoinquiry Thought Questions
Answer the series of questions below based on information from the Ratite Distribution webmap (
1. Theorize four potential explanations for the distribution of ratites. (1 pt per) *
2. Of you explanations above which seems the most plausible? Explain your reasoning. Cite specific evidence from the map, or a related text to support your explanation. (1pt for assertion, 2 pts for explanation, 2 pts for evidence) *
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