Travel Itinerary
We are days away from mobilizing for the season and many of you are starting your travels (or have already started). We need details about where you will be, and when you will be arriving in various communities.
Some people have started showing up in Smithers and the planter presence in town has been noticed by residents.
Please remember to keep a low profile while travelling, DO NOT GATHER IN GROUPS. If you are carpooling as a large group, please avoid sitting outside motel rooms as a group. During a global pandemic, the optics of a group of people from out of town are not good. Be aware that some towns are not excited about a planter presence - please be respectful.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out another form and please reach out to your crew boss or project supervisor if you have any questions.
Your Full Name *
What crew are you on? (Cooks, Support and Supervisors, please select N/A) *
How are you travelling? *
Where is your meeting place with Summit? (if you don't have an exact location, town name is fine...ex. Prince George)
What date are you going to be there? (ex. May 10)
What date and approximate time are you meeting up with your camp (ex. May 11, morning) *
Flight Information (Airline, flight number, arrival date and time, arrival location)
Drivers Please write all passengers names (if you are a passenger or are flying, leave this blank)
Outline your route/the days leading up to the season. Look at the examples and follow the format please.
In the following questions please outline your route including dates.

Example 1:
Day One - May 3 Golden to Jasper (sleeping in my trailer)
Day Two - May 4 Jasper to Smithers (sleeping in my trailer)
I will be in Smithers until the 7th. I will sleep in my trailer or get a hotel room, and then I will roll out to camp on the 7th.

Example 2:
Day One - May 1 - North Bay to Sault Ste. Marie (camping down a logging road)
Day 2 - May 2 - Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay *picking up Joey (camping in a friends yard)
Day 3 - May 3 - Thunder Bay to Regina (hotel)
Day 4 - May 4 - Regina to Lake Louise (camping in a friends yard)
Day 5 - May 5 - Lake Louise to Prince George (hotel)
Day 6 - May 6 - Prince George to Smithers
Hanging out in smithers at a hotel until I pick up my truck to drive to camp on May 7th.

Example 3:
Flying into Prince George. Flight arrives on the 10th. I will be at a hotel until I meet up with my camp.

See examples above and outline your travel plan and itinerary. We need details about dates, locations, and where you will be staying. *
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