Spring 2019 Starting Point Mentorship Program (SPMP): Mentee Application IS FULL TO CAPACITY. PLEASE FILL OUT FORM TO BE ADDED TO WAITLIST.
The Starting Point Mentorship Program has reached maximum capacity for mentees. Any applications submitted beyond this point will be on the waitlist for this program. We apologize, but we cannot guarantee you a mentor at this time. By signing up, you will be up to date with any potential, public opportunities provided by UC Berkeley and will be one of the first students to be notified to sign up for this program next semester.


The goal of this program is to offer current California community college students an opportunity to connect with UC Berkeley student mentors who can provide appropriate information, access to resources, and share their campus experience.

Spring 2019 Requirements:

• Must be enrolled at California community college in Spring 2019

Application will close once we reach capacity. Once the application has closed you will be notified by February 22nd via email if you were selected or if you were chosen for the waitlist. Thank you.

The Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3) serves a diverse population of students. While primarily an academic support for admitted students on the Berkeley campus, CE3 is also committed to providing access and information to those interested in exploring the possibility of studies at Cal.

For more information visit :
transfers.berkeley.edu/startingpoint or email: startingpoint@berkeley.edu

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