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NOTE ! This store will NOT Support Retail Customer. This store is made for YOUR Dealers to use. The prices will be the price you pay now from wherever you got this form. You should still have plenty of room to markup your margins. It you are worried about price and dimes and nickels. This is not a relationship we want to have.
This means, if you have $0 credit - You will need to Add $250 ( Non Refundable )to be considered
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If you answer is less than $20. In Most Cases you will NOT Be Approved.
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The price you get will be the same as the site you are on. If you are a GOLD reseller, you will get about a 10-15% Discount. Understand. We are not here to Compete Prices. We are selling you convience. You can easily sell an AT&T Code for $3-$5. If you cant. This is Just not for you. Dont waste the bandwidth in submitting this form.
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