Kitchen Design Partner Design Questionnaire
This questionnaire will be used to help us determine your design needs and preferences. Please answer the questions as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Any extra feedback you can provide is very helpful.

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to complete this questionnaire.
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What is the current status of your kitchen remodel project?
What do you like most about your existing kitchen?
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What do you dislike most about your existing kitchen?
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What are you hoping to achieve with your kitchen remodel project?
My goals for kitchen remodel are different than your choices. This is what I want to achieve.
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What quality of products do you think would suit you?
What are your kitchen dining requests ?
What type of specialty storage do you want in your new kitchen? Select all that apply.
What is your eye drawn toward?
What type of countertop material(s) are you considering?
Have you undertaken a kitchen remodel before?
If yes, was it a positive or negative experience? What would you have done differently? What did you like about the process?
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Has anyone helped you in preparing a design for the kitchen?
Do you need help selecting a contractor? Or do you have one you want to work with?
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Do you plan to do any of the work yourself? If yes, please describe.
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Do you plan to retain an interior designer for this project?
Do you plan to retain an architect on this project?
What is your budget for your kitchen?
Please write any information below that you think may be helpful in planning and designing of your project.
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Thank you for completing our Intake Form. A Kitchen Design Partner-approved designer from your area will follow up with you.
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