Passionate & creative contributor(s) sought for new Embassy Network intentional community house
We are a creating a community house tentatively called Template House. Our community is rooted in intentional and the desire to make a conscious and positive impact by creating a commons. Our community is specifically focused around personal transformation, collective solidarity and mutual emancipation. Our community is a sober house that is inclusive to the needs of formerly incarcerated /returning citizens.

A culmination of Embassy, Red Vic & Sigil.
:: The Red Vic-esqe elements - the down stairs commercial space with a community living room, that is private when you want it to be private, and pubic when you want it to be public! Also the decor and room lay outs are adventurous!
:: The Embassy-esqe elements - the peacefulness and calmness that comes with deep committed intentional living built on mutual aid and solidarity. We hope to have a free room at this house, so that we can help house people, or gift space to those who need it most and for whom it would be transformational.
:: The Sigil-esqe elements - this will be home to a second Second Life community (formerly incarcerated), which means that at least one side but hopefully all of it will be a sober living environment. We have learnt at Sigil that this is actually a really wonderful way of life, it’s not affected our sociability at all, and people LOVE coming to a sober environment. It has also made many of us more intentional about our drinking! Again, at Sigil, the free room is something we learnt is super valuable and transformational to have.
For more about Second Life:
:: New features - In addition to this, this new house will serve as a learning platform for us - to learn and explore collective ownership and long term stewardship. For this reason the running name at present is Template House :heart: (tbd of course, this is just an idea).
:: Other new features adventures include the second commercial space which provides an opportunity for us to run a radical or transformational business (there is a doc for brainstorming here which I can share before our first team meeting).
:: The renovation construction element is a new one for many of us, if building, nesting and decor are exciting for you, there will be lots of that :slightly_smiling_face: This will happen in phases.
:: THE GARDEN - this place has a lovely garden out back that is a bit of a mess, but full of potential and lots of sunshine!
:: Requests from this endeavor are to try and be maximally inclusive from day 1. Ideally we’d love to get racial diversity in this space from the get go, as it is very hard to establish later on. Age, gender diversity also! Families welcome.

We are part of a broader network of similar community houses, called the Embassy Network. We are a collective of intentional community houses around the globe experimenting with commons-based approaches to human sustainability and social systems.

The people are what make the place! Several of us work at home during the day, several of us are entrepreneurs, a few of us have "regular" jobs, a few are academics. Though we may have diverse interests, we're tied together by a common desire to think big, challenge and support each other in our goals, and change the world in a positive way. Ideally, we also seek people from different countries of origin and aim to keep an approximate gender balance in the house. We are looking for people to really be an integral part of this community. We focus not just on bringing a diverse set of people together, but also on helping to create a house which is distinct in its own way from the things we have all done before, and that is an emergent property of the people who live there. We strongly believe that a community like this is strengthened by our external experiences as much as our shared experiences. We are looking for people who plan to really live in the house, be home a reasonable amount, initiate, participate, and collaborate, and see this as an opportunity to organically (and playfully) create something awesome.

We'd love to find people who are passionate about the world around them and creating positive change, and who explicitly wants to live in a community. We also want to maintain rough gender balance and encourage other forms of diversity including a range of life experiences. We'd love to find people who are passionate about the world around them and creating positive change, and who explicitly want to live in a community. We value the ability to reflect and work on ourselves, as individuals and as a group. We would love to have more nationalities :) We also want to maintain rough gender balance. Couples, triads, families, coparents, we encourage you all to apply!

A big house requires everyone to contribute to help keep it clean. We have cleaners who help with the big stuff but doing dishes, emptying garbage etc. are a regular part of living at the house.

Private rooms are $1400-1700 and a bunk in a shared room is $850 a month. Utilities, food, beverages and cleaning costs are shared evenly per resident, and are a flat rate of $350 a month on top of the prices of the room. Food will be delivered weekly and everyone has the opportunity to curate grocery items or take on food ordering!

The house is a 6 bedroom in the lower haight, 3 bathrooms and two kitchens spread throughout two neighboring residential units. Washer/Dryer included. The residential units sit atop two commercial units, one of which will be communal spaces for residents set up as community living room.

For those of you that don't know Hayes Valley, the location is great - it borders Lower Haight on one side, Civic Center on the other and is close enough to walk to Alamo Square, NOPA, the Fillmore, Japantown, the Mission, and the Castro. The panhandle is a 10 minute walk from here. The 101 freeway entrance is a short drive away. Also nearby are various other vibrant community houses, each with different personalities.

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