Thanet Coronavirus Assistance: Help Needed Form
Please read the following information carefully, you will be asked to confirm you have read and understood it before you can share your details with us.
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Thanks for reaching out to us for assistance during the Coronavirus outbreak. We understand this is a difficult time for you and would like to help you.

We feel that it is essential to not cause more of a burden to the systems already in place to support people during the outbreak, therefore we would like to do everything we can to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and ensure that people like yourself (and other vulnerable people) are kept safe in all the usual ways.

By submitting this application form, you agree that our small voluntary organisation, is being extra vigilant to ensure the safety of yourself and other vulnerable people.

As a group that has been set up at speed, we don't have systems such as criminal records checks in place. For this reason, we will be asking you for as much information about you that you are able to provide. We also ask all our volunteers for details to ensure that we can build up trust to to help yourself and others, in a safe manner. We will hold this information securely on a Google system using a two-factor authentication login. Your information will only be seen by people you agree to seeing it.

Each application will be risk assessed, and if possible, matched to someone able to help. If a match is possible then with permission from both parties, we will share contact details.

You need to agree to us sharing the information you provide with a small group of under 10 volunteers. All of these people are helping to coordinate your request of help, and they are helping us to risk assess each volunteer and each requester so that we can make a match.

We also need you to agree to follow health advice, and the following questions should be understood fully.

After you have answered the following health advice questions you will be asked to agree to all the above, and then in the second section, you will be asked for information about yourself. In the third section, you can tell us about the things you require help with.

Thank you for joining us.

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