2017-2018 Volunteer Packet- St Charles Borromeo School
The goal is to “capture” volunteer information once, disseminate it to committees, and
then committees contact you directly as events unfold throughout the year.

Dates have been included wherever possible, so as you sign up for activities,
please jot notes on your calendar NOW to jog your memory later.

These listed volunteer opportunities are open to parents, grandparents, parishioners,
senior citizens and friends of St Charles. Extended volunteer time with individual students
may require volunteers to agree to a criminal history background check per Diocesan Policy.
Paper copies of this packet are available in the school office.

So that the committee chairpersons are able to contact you easily,
PLEASE complete names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses,
and children’s names/room numbers.

For your convenience, school room numbers:
K-51 Ms. Pelner K-52 Mrs. Conroy K-53 Mrs Weidner
1-22 Mrs. Sturm 1-24 Mrs. Richardson 1-26 Mrs. Ensley
2-23 Mrs. Frazier 2-25 Mr. Hoy 2-27 Ms Heiny
3-9 Mrs. Wilson 3-10 Mrs. Chaney 3-11 Mrs. Thomas
4-12 Mrs. Wagley 4-13 Mrs. Sordelet 4-14 Mrs. Till
5-15 Mrs. Reeves 5-16 Mrs. Coleman 5-17 Mrs Baron
6-18 Mr. Bullerman 6-19 Mrs. Silkworth 6-20 Mrs. Bullerman
7-3 Mrs. Parson 7-4 Mrs. Richter 7-6 Mr. Heimann
8-5 Mr. Heckber 8-7 Mrs. Watts 8-8 Mr McClead

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Child's Name/Room # (If you do not have a child at the school, please put "No Student") *
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Select an area in which you would like to volunteer and then click Next. After filling out information related to your selection, click the Next button and you will return to this list and you may choose another area for which to volunteer. You may volunteer for as many areas as you would like. Remember, once you have volunteered for all areas that you desire, go back to the bottom of the list, select SUBMIT, and then click Next. You will then receive an email detailing your selections.
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