Empower Innovation - Feedback Survey
Please provide your feedback about Empower Innovation through this brief 5-10 minute survey. This information will help us evaluate the platform's features and value for our members. All information will be used anonymously to inform future development, platform communications, and customer service.

By completing this survey and providing your email address, you will be entered in the raffle for a $25 Amazon gift card. All respondents who submit a response with their email address will have the chance to win one of ten prizes.

Thank you for helping us grow!
How familiar are you with the following features on Empower Innovation? *
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Universal Search
Filtering a Directory
"Find a Partner" Form
Customize Your Profile
Personal Dashboard
How many funding opportunities posted on Empower Innovation have you followed up on or applied to? *
Have you used Empower Innovation's messaging feature to to look for a partner or collaborator on a specific funding opportunity? *
Have you reached out to a potential partner or collaborator on a specific funding opportunity via another platform? (LinkedIn, Phone, Email, Company Website, etc.). *
Have you partnered with any organizations or members that you’ve discovered on Empower Innovation on a specific funding opportunity bid? *
How likely are you to tell a friend or colleague about Empower Innovation? *
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How interested are you in these potential features?
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Somewhat Interested
Not Interested
Subscription-based email digests for new content (including funding opportunities)
More customized recommendations based on your interests
Ability to post public comments on platform content
Ability to link a funding opportunity you have won to your organization profile
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