Intermittent Fasting Research Study Interest Form
This form is for those interested in participating in the research study entitled "The Impact of Food Deprivation on Cardiovascular Physiology". Thank you for your interest in our research study. The inclusion criteria for this research study are as follows:

- 18 to 40 years old
- Currently healthy with no known acute or chronic health conditions
- No history of eating disorders (ex. anorexia, bulimia)
- Normal resting heart rate (50-100 bpm) and blood pressure (< 130/80 mmHg)
- Not currently participating in a fasting program
- No current major injury or recovering from a major injury or surgery
- Do not smoke or vape nicotine products more than once a month
- Females Only: Pre-menopausal with a normal menstrual cycle (typical cycle length of 15-45 days)
- Females Only: Not breast feeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant
- Females Only: Not currently using oral, injection, or implantable contraception

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