Reservation Day Application
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Directions for reserving your bunny:
1. Review the selection of bunnies that are available to reserve on the Bunnies for Sale page on our website.  Decide which bunnies you are interested in adopting. Make a list of your top choices (up to 10). Do not include a bunny that is listed as "Reserved for ___" or "Pending Reservation for ___" in your list of top 10.  

2. Jot down the identification codes found next to the description of each bunny. (ex. #2TL918)

3. Select the ID codes for your top choices (up to 10) and then submit this form. Listing 10 choices is not mandatory, but it will increase your chances that at least one of the ten bunnies are still available.

4. This Form will be timestamped once you press submit. This data will be used to determine the order of people requesting each bunny. Once I have determined the FIRST person to show interest in each bunny, I will update the website to say "Pending Reservation for (the name of the FIRST person)" AND I will contact that person via email.  

5.  IF YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON TO REQUEST A SPECIFIC BUNNY, you will receive an email informing you that you can now complete your reservation by submitting your 50% non-refundable deposit via PayPal or Venmo. Directions will be included in the email. Please submit your deposit within a half hour after receiving the email to complete your deposit.  

      Please do not attempt to submit a deposit unless you have received an email asking you to do so.

6. Once the 50% deposit has been received, the website will be changed to "Reserved for ___" and the bunny is no longer available to anyone else.

Which best describes what you would like to reserve?
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Indicate which bunnies you would be interested in adopting:
1.  You do NOT need to fill out all 10 choices.
2.  If a bunny listing is not found below, it is because it is no longer available to reserve.
My FIRST choice is:
My SECOND choice is:
My THIRD choice is:
My FOURTH choice is:
My FIFTH choice is:
My SIXTH choice is:
My SEVENTH choice is:
My EIGHTH choice is:
My NINTH choice is:
My TENTH choice is:
Completing this form is not a guarantee that you will be able to reserve a bunny.  I will now compile the data and identify the FIRST person to request each bunny.
I will send an email ONLY to the first person that showed interest in each bunny. You will receive an email providing you with directions about placing your deposit ONLY IF you are the first person to request a specific bunny.  
Please do NOT submit a deposit unless you receive an email requesting that you place your deposit.  You will have 30 minutes to submit your 50% non refundable deposit via Paypal or Venmo once the email is sent.
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