Marin Home Resource Guide 2020/2021 - Call for Content Submissions
The Marin Home Resource Guide (MHRG) is quickly becoming THE go-to reference manual for Marin County homeowners, distributed to more than 70,000 households. For the 2020 issue, we're looking for short and long-form articles and focusing on remodeling trends; fresh renovation approaches; planning guidelines; navigating the permit inspection process; lists, trends, and top 10s; Real Estate; Construction; Architecture & Design and more.

Please keep in mind:

- Submissions are open only to current members of the Marin Builder's Association. If you are not a member and would like more information, visit

- Contributors to the MHRG are considered expert sources offering insider tips and tools to inform, engage and inspire our community at large. The strongest submissions will refrain from overly self-promotional content and focus on delivering value to our readership.

- Submit only ONE TOPIC per entry form, but you can submit this form multiple times for different topic ideas.

We look forward to receiving your submissions for the 2020 issue. Give us your best!
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