GWPA Survey 2017/2018
GW Postdoc Association, in partnership with the office of Research Workforce Development at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, is launching its first postdoctoral survey. The goal of this survey is to understand the needs and interests of postdocs across GW, as well as to inform the development of new University policies. All responses are anonymous—no names or identifiers will be linked to your responses in order to encourage candid participation. This survey should take approximately 8-10 minutes to complete. We thank you very much in advance for your participation and in helping us shape the future path of GWPA and GW programs for postdoctoral scientists.
Research and career prospects
Years since you have received your PhD *
Number of postdoctoral positions prior to GW *
Total number of years at these prior positions
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How long have you been at GW as a postdoc (years)? *
What were the TWO most important factors in choosing your postdoc at GW? *
What was the quality of the professional career development advising you received during your PhD graduate studies? *
Which career path were you most interested in when you started in this postdoctoral position? *
Which career path are you currently most interested in? *
If your career path has changed, why? *
Are you comfortable discussing these changes in your career goals with your PI / Advisor? *
Whom do you routinely seek out to have open, candid discussions about your professional career planning goals and decisions? Select ALL that apply. *
How connected do you feel with the following groups? *
A lot
A little
Not at all
Prefer not to say
Peers in my department
Peers in my discipline
Peers in other departments/disciplines at GW
Peers in other departments/disciplines at other Universities/Institutes
What skills would you like to improve while you are a postdoc at GW? Check ALL that apply. *
What is your primary source of compensation at GW? *
Where would you career take you next? *
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