Python Porto meetups. Call for proposals
Python Porto meetups is a bi-monthly event aimed to bring together people interested in Python to share their experience and to learn something new about it. The next meetup is scheduled for 28 November: We are looking for speakers and workshop masters.

- Talks are 25 to 45-minute sessions including Q&A
- Workshops are 1-2 hours

Topics to discuss.

- Python for beginners (introductory workshops or talks)
- Python in business (success or failure stories of using Python to solve specific domain problems)
- Python in system administration or DevOps
- Python in Web
- Scraping with Python
- Managing and Processing data with Python
- Data Analysis/ML/Deep learning with Python
- Python in science
- Hardware/IoT with Python
- Python ecosystem, packaging, managing environment, etc
- Python internals, performance optimization, code profiling
- Suggestions are welcome!

Fill this form to submit your talk or workshop proposal. We will get back to you to specify details as soon as we can to discuss the details of the talk, the date of the meetup and all the preparatory details.

If you don't have a definitive idea of what you want to talk about, and only have some ideas, which you want to discuss with us, fill in the "Talk abstract or your ideas" with them. Besides your personal information, it's the only required field.

The full calendar of upcoming and past events is available at

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If you don't have a definitive abstract yet, share some ideas or your areas of interests. We can come up with a topic and abstract together.
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Who, do you think, will be mostly interested in your talks. A sample answer can sound like "beginners in Python, interested in machine learning" or "Medium to advanced Python developers, willing to improve their debugging skills"
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