Hello Senior Members!

It is that time again...Encampment Senior Staff exploration. Please take a few moments to look through the jobs listed and their descriptions. Apply for as many as you are interested in. At the end you will be asked to give us an idea of your top choices.

Please note - ALL positions (except ENC/CC) are open at this time and you should apply for any one you would like. This survey can be revisited via a link provided on the VAWG Encampment web site and all positions, except as noted below, will remain open for alterations to choices made or availability up until 60 days prior to Encampment. After that period, please contact ENC Admin directly.

Note, the positions of Deputy Commander - Operations, and, Deputy Commander - Support are the only exceptions. These two positions need to be filled soonest and ENC will benefit from stability in those positions throughout the planning and execution phases of Encampment. If you are interested in one or both of these positions, please express so by completing this survey and sending an email to charles.beeson@vawg.cap.gov as soon as possible. It is my intent to select these positions prior to 15 Nov 2018.

Encampment serves our Cadets and the Virginia Wing best when it is a collaboration of all squadrons within the Wing. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all who may be interested, even if unable to commit to the timing just yet, to go ahead and express interest. I am confident that we, and you, will be richly rewarded by your participation.

Please note - you do not have to give up an entire week to staff ENC19. If you can only come for a day or days, that's great! We would love to have you. We will get you into the planning process and you can learn all that goes into your job...and yes, you can work a day or days at it. Its okay to share jobs! That just means we have more folks who are experienced going forward as well! Let us know your questions and/or concerns at the end of the survey.

Lastly, I realize next June is still a long way off and understand you may not know your schedule. I understand that and am still looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested. We can work with you and your schedule.

Please make note of the following dates:
CSE: 18-19 JAN 2019 - Wing Headquarters
EST1: 15-17 MAR 2019 - Raptor Town - (Joint Base Langley-Eustis (JBLE))
EST2 : 17-19 MAY 2019 - Ft. Pickett.
ENC19 Advance Staff arrival: 20-21 JUN 2019
ENC19 Staff/Cadre arrival (Day 0): 22 JUN 2019
ENC19 Student Arrival: 23 JUN 2019
ENC19 Graduation: 1200, 30 JUN 2019

On behalf of the Wing Director of Cadet Programs and the Encampment Commander, thank you for your interest and support for ENC19 - Virginia Wing's largest cadet programs activity!

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