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26, 27, 28 July 2019 - New Germany State Park
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See the Canine Policy - in Section 3.D of the Operational Guidance Manual, which is reproduced here - It is the standard of the ASRC that any canine that is attending an ASRC event will be leashed or crated/confined when not on an assigned field task or training activity. Canine handlers will have control over their dog(s) at all times. In the event that these standards are not upheld, the offending parties may be directed to leave. Failure to abide by ASRC policies, including without limitation a direction to leave an ASRC event, may result in disciplinary action. In the event that a dispute is made in regards to an incident, this dispute will follow the process set forth in the ASRC Administration Manual. archive.asrc.net/ASRC-Operations/ASRC-Operations-Manual/2017-05-06-ASRC-Operational-Guidance-Manual-1.2.pdf
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