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Code of Conduct
Scott Point School is committed through its Health, Safety and Welfare policy to provide a safe and healthy physical and emotional environment for students, staff and visitors. Our Code of Conduct Policy enables us to remind all parents, guardians and visitors to Scott Point Primary School about conduct expected of them. Our Code of Conduct Policy applies: • To all conduct whether in speech or action or delivered through emails, texts, phone calls, social media or other communication • While at Scott Point School or at another venue where students or staff assembled for school purposes (such as a camp or sports match).
Scott Point School expects parents, guardians and visitors to:
Treat everyone with respect
• Work together in partnership with staff for the benefit of their child
• Respect and demonstrate Scott Point School’s values
• Set a good example for students at all times
• Follow appropriate and proper procedures to handle any complaints
• Adhere to other Scott Point School policies and procedures (such as Visitors, Smoke-free, and Alcohol/Drugs and Other Harmful Substances policies) and any legal requirements.
As a volunteer assistant in the school or at an EOTC event:
• Examples of conduct that contravenes these expectations include:
• Consistently placing unreasonable and excessive expectations on staff time or resources
• Insulting, abusive, or intimidating
• Physical aggression
• Harassment
• Deception/fraud
Discrimination (for example based on ethnicity, religion)
• Smoking or possessing or using alcohol/drugs/other harmful substances on school premises or at another venue where students and staff assembled for school purposes such as a school camp or excursion (except possession or use of alcohol strictly in accordance with Scott Point School policy)
• Threats
• Bullying
• Profanity/offensive language
• Damaging or destroying school property
• Pursuing a complaint or campaign, or making defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments, regarding the school, its board or any staff or students on social media or other public forums.
Processes for Breach of Scott Point Primary’s Code of Conduct
Contravening behaviour will be dealt with in many different ways, and each situation depends on the nature of the behaviour and its seriousness and the process any witness or victim of the behaviour feels most comfortable.
• Examples of processes for dealing with such behaviour include the following:
• Documenting each instance of behaviour including the date, time, place, who was present, what was said (verbatim if possible), how any witness or victim felt and/or responded.
• A conversation held between the Principal and/or Board chair (or their delegate) or appropriate staff member with the relevant person detailing the problem and required resolution.
• Warning letter describing the problem and required resolution and reminding of the possible outcomes of repeated conduct.
• A meeting may be arranged as an alternative or in addition to the above steps. The letter may include restorative practices.
Outcomes of conduct contravening this Code of Conduct Policy may include the following:
The school’s Board is the occupier of the school premises under lease from the Crown. There is no automatic right of entry to state school grounds. The school’s Board has set this Code of Conduct as a condition of entry. The school through the Board may ask a person to leave the school premises by revoking their permission to be on the school grounds then asking them to leave under section 3 of the Trespass Act 1980.
• Unacceptable behaviour of a criminal nature may result in the Police being informed. For example, under section 139C of the Education Act 1989, it is a criminal offence to assault, abuse, or intimidate a staff member within the presence or hearing of any student while on school premises or in any other place where students are assembled for school purposes. Other instances of criminal offending may occur where drugs are involved, an assault has occurred, or a person persists after being trespassed off school grounds.
• In the case of behaviour amounting to harassment, a restraining order may be sought.
• In some instances, it may be appropriate to refer behaviour to a third party for resolution. For example, a Facebook comment that contravenes this policy may result in a report to Facebook. If unacceptable behaviour occurs at a sports event or sports venue, then it may be appropriate to involve the governing body of that sport, event or venue.
Education Act 1989, section 139C
• Trespass Act 1980, section 3 Supporting Policies and Procedures:
• Smoke-free Schools
• Visitors
• Harassment
• Alcohol/Drugs and Other Harmful Substances and Other Harmful Substances.
Enrolment Declaration
Consent under the Privacy Act 1993 and Declaration by Parent(s) / Guardian(s) To the best of my knowledge the information contained in this enrolment form is true and correct.

If the information is found to be false, the School reserves the right to remove your child. Scott Point School requires accurate information in order to communicate with parents/ caregivers, to determine appropriate educational and pastoral support needs and to complete statistical returns.

The Privacy Act 1993 places rules on the collection, use, storage and access of information that is received at enrolment, and from student academic records. All reasonable care is taken in the collection, storage and security of this information. From time to time it needs to be updated. Individuals have the right of access to personal information through the Principal, who is the Scott Point School Privacy Officer.

At the discretion of the Principal, under section 76 and section 77 of the Education Act 1989, this information may be shared with the following groups of professionals on a need to know basis: School staff, Specialist Education services, Public Health Nurse and Doctors, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Children and Young Persons and their Family service, Police, other professionals approved by the Principal. If you do not wish personal information to be released, then contact should be made with the Principal.
Parent Declaration
I confirm that I have read and understood the Code of Conduct and am signing this form on behalf of our family to confirm that we understand our responsibilities.
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