Student Registration for BHSA Cooperative 2017-18 Classes
We are a Christian Bible based parent run cooperative offering education enrichment and social support for students and parents. The word "cooperative" defines our organization where all participants are equally invested. The key to our success is commitment and flexibility by everyone.

Classes meet in 6 different rooms and a gym at Nashville Gospel Church (7305 Sonya Dr. Nashville, TN 37209) Thursdays 9am-12pm with an optional lunch/open play until 1pm. (New: Optional educational "clubs" now offered after lunch!)

We operate on a semester schedule with a cost of $100/year/family. NOTE: Registrations completed before 3/31 will receive a $20 discount (so, $80 for the year). Additional (minimal) course fees may be added per student per class. All fees are due the first day of class with Registration fee ($80 or $100) checks made payable to BHSA and class fees made payable to the lead teacher. Parents must remain on site at all times in accordance with insurance coverage. Waivers must be signed.

Fall Semester - (2nd Thursday in August-3rd Thursday in November ) (14 weeks)
Spring Semester- (2nd Thursday in January-Last Thursday in April) (15 weeks)

We operate with a one-room school room approach with several grades combined for the subject. We strive to offer classes in each grade grouping of K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th. Grade/age recommendations are merely that. You know your child best. Classes have minimum participant requirements therefore FIRST and SECOND choices must be made for EACH period. Here is a link to the current class descriptions organized by period and the registration form. A minimum of 5 students from separate families are required for a class to make/be offered.

If you have any questions please contact us at

See BHSA Cooperative 2017-18 Class Descriptions here:

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