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Bat/Bar Mitzvah class will run over a 12- week term.
Sunday evenings 8-10pm, 20th September – 13th December (with one week off for half term on 1st November) at The Common House, Bethnal Green E2 9QG.
On the last Sunday of every month the venue is booked, so we will be elsewhere - to be confirmed, possibly a synagogue.

This course will culminate in a party and ceremony in December (date tba). Halfway through the term we will be asking you to sign up to volunteer to help with some part of the logistics eg venue setup, decorations, music, food...

Classes are going to be based around the interests, skills and experience of participants and it is important for us to set up a space that is as safe and fun as possible. These forms will help us a lot!

Class facilitators: Tali and Joseph

Let's start with an easy one. What's your name? *
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At what email address would you like us to contact you? *
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Do you have any disabilities/ additional needs/ access requirements that we should know about and/or can help with?
The Common House is on the ground floor, but there are two stairs - there is a ramp available, so please let us know if it is needed. Unfortunately, the toilet is not wheelchair accessible. More info here
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What pronouns do you use in English? *
(please let us know if this changes during the term)
What pronouns do you use in a language with grammatical gender like Hebrew?
(please let us know if this changes during the term)
Are there topics which you would like warning before we get in to as they may be particularly difficult or distressing for you?
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Will you be bringing a child or baby with you to class?
(we will not be able to offer a creche service but the class facilitator is happy for students to bring children and there will be a play area with crafts and games)
Please let us know how much you will be able to contribute for this class: *
For information on how to pay and our cancellation policy go here: (If paying upfront in advance is going to be a problem for you, please email us and we will try and work out a more flexible arrangement)
Why do you want to be in this class?
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Have you had a bar/bat mitzvah before? If yes, what was it like? (in as many or few words as possible)
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What has your engagement with Hebrew been so far? *
eg none, attended cheder years ago, can read & write - slowly/decently, Hebrew-speaking family, previous study or other exposure (and to what level)...
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Will you need help learning to read Hebrew before classes start?
If so, I will provide you with a DIY teach yourself to read Hebrew kit for you to get through over the summer, and there will be a workshop at the start of September
Please specify three or more topics that you would like us to teach or discuss *
eg following shul services (which denominations/ traditions?); aspects of Jewish liturgy (Talmud? Torah? Psalms?...); culture and philosophy; particular prayers (Shema, Amidah, kiddush blessings, Kaddish); aspects of Jewish practice (kashrut? Shabbes? Gender issues?); performance skills (drag workshop? Singing?); ritual objects/clothing...
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What languages do you speak/ read already, and to what level?
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Do you have any particular skills or interests that the class could benefit from including/ knowing about? Eg cooking, photography, environmental campaigning...
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Do you have any other suggestions for us? Eg groups or individuals to collaborate with in future, books we should be reading, resources we should be using, options for future funding (we are especially interested in finding Ladino, Judeo-Arabic and Judeo-Persian teachers and resources!)
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What can you help us with?
(this is voluntary – if you are going to be too busy, don't worry about it)
Tell us a joke:
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