Virginia Wesleyan University Sustainability Leaders Application
Due 3/31/22 for May graduates
Due 11/20/21 for December graduates

VWU Sustainability Leaders is a university-wide program to green any bachelor’s degree at Virginia Wesleyan University. The Sustainability Leaders Program recognizes students who have completed volunteer service and coursework focused on real world issues of sustainability and the environment.

To complete the Sustainability Leader program and receive a graduation cord, you must earn at least ten points of sustainability achievements and submit the required application to the sustainability director using this form.  Points can be earned throughout all undergraduate years of study at Virginia Wesleyan University and are awarded on the following scale.

Point Scale:
7 points:
Complete a sustainability-related major*

6 points:
Complete a sustainability-related minor*
3 points:
Complete a sustainability-focused course** with a grade of C or better (up to 6 points total or 2 courses)
Write a sustainability-related article that is published in the Marlin Chronicle
Complete a sustainability-focused internship or externship for at least one semester (min. 60 hours)
Conduct undergraduate research in a sustainability-related field
Present at an on or off-campus sustainability conference
Serve as an officer of Marlins Go Green or another sustainability organization
Serve as a member of the VWU Environmental Sustainability Council
Participate in a 5-15 week sustainability immersion experience (study abroad or comparable)
Receive a sustainability grant (such as the Earth & Environmental Sciences Department Student Grant)  

1 point:
Volunteer at a sustainability-related event or with a sustainability organization (up to 3 points total)
Attend a sustainability conference, workshop, or seminar (up to 3 points total)

If you participated in an event, activity, or initiative that is not included in this point system that you believe should be worth points towards your application, please describe that in your request, or email Be sure to include information about the activity, and the Campus Sustainability Director will review it for the possibility of being awarded points.

Points earned for “sustainability-focused courses” cannot be combined with points earned for Sustainability Majors or Minors.

- Earth & Environmental Sciences major or minor
- Environmental Studies major or minor
- Sustainability Management major or minor
- Marine Science minor

BIO 150 Introduction to Marine Biology
BIO 316 Ecology
BIO 333 Conservation Biology
BIO 340 Tropical Marine Ecology
BIO 355 Marine Ecology
BIO 375 Topics in Tropical Biology
BIO 475 Natural and Social History of the Chesapeake Bay

CHEM 270 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 450 Biogeochemistry

EES 133 Environmental Geology with Laboratory
EES 200 Oceanography
EES 210 Meteorology
EES 270 Environmental Chemistry
EES 316 Ecology
EES 320 Energy and the Environment
EES 300 Advanced Topics in Geology: Soil
EES 333 Conservation Biology
EES 340 Climatology
EES 375 Topics in Tropical Biology
EES 410 Physical Hydrology
EES 425 The Age of Oil
EES 450 Biogeochemistry

ENG 303 Eco Science Fiction
ENG 306 Ecopoetry
ENG 410 Environmental Writings

ENVS 106 Humans, the Environment, and Sustainability
ENVS 107 Environmental Biology
ENVS 283 Seminar in Alaska
ENVS 304 Environmental Ethics
ENVS 306 Ecopoetry
ENVS 326 Environmental Policy Analysis
ENVS 410 Environmental Writings
ENVS 420 Topics in Sustainability

HON 110 Complex Global Challenges

MBE 206 Sustainability Accounting
MBE 207 Economics and the Environment
MBE 348 Social Marketing Management

PHIL 304 Environmental Ethics

POLS 326 Environmental Policy Analysis

SRM 344 Outdoor Recreation and Education
SRM 348 Maui Sea to Sky: The Impact of Adventure Travel on Culture and the Environment

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Email *
What is your name? *
What is your anticipated graduation date? If it is more than one year away, please wait to apply during your senior year. *
Write a brief essay (150-350 words) describing how you have been a leader in sustainability at VWU and/or what you have learned about sustainability while at VWU.  You do not need to reflect on all of your experiences; just choose one or a few experiences that were most meaningful to you.   *
Did you complete one of the following sustainability focused majors? (7 points) *
Did you complete one of the following sustainability focused minors? (6 points) *
Did you do any of the following activities during your time at Virginia Wesleyan University? Check all that apply. (3 points each)
If you completed a sustainability focused internship or externship, what organization did you work with? (3 points)
If you conducted independent undergraduate research in a sustainability-related field, what was your research topic and who was your mentor? Do not include class projects. (3 points)
If you completed any sustainability-focused courses* with a grade of C or better, list the courses here.  *Points earned for “sustainability-related courses” cannot be combined with points earned for Sustainability Majors or Minors.  (3 points)
List any engagement completed for sustainability-related events or with sustainability organizations during your time at Virginia Wesleyan University, along with the approximate hours for each. This includes volunteering on or off campus. Please log your hours in the Wesleyan Engaged Database as well.  (1 point each for up to 3 points)
List any sustainability conferences, workshops, or seminars you attended during your time at Virginia Wesleyan University that you have not already included on this form.  (1 points each for up to 3 points)
Do you have any other accomplishments from your time at Virginia Wesleyan University that you would like to be considered towards your application?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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