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The Travel Mavens Community consists of women writers, bloggers and influencers from around the globe who share a love for travel, culture and adventure. By filling out this short questionnaire, you will be given exclusive access to our Travel Mavens Community page on Facebook, where you can connect with other travel enthusiasts, and be notified of travel/review/sponsored opportunities, call for submissions, and requests for syndicated content.

- We are not asking for your numbers, Travel Mavens writers, ops and syndicated content will be selected based on quality, not quantity. ***The exception to this rule is if it is requested by an outside sponsor/host for a specific program.
- Travel Mavens does not accept or share content that promotes animal tourism outside of sanctuaries/rehabs/hospitals and animals in their natural habitat
- Mark Friday, June 3rd at 9pm ET on your calendar! That evening we will be hosting the #TMBucketList Twitter Party as our official virtual launch party.

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