Fall 2016: Canvas
This is an anonymous survey about your experience using Canvas in this class so far this semester.
Which class are you in? *
How many of your classes are using Canvas? *
What was your experience with D2L in the past? (check ALL that apply) *
Overall, how would you compare Canvas and D2L? *
Please rate these Canvas features:
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Canvas Calendar
Canvas Gradebook
Canvas Inbox/Messages
Canvas Mobile App
What are your favorite things about Canvas based on how it is being used in this class?
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If you are using Canvas in another class: what other feature(s) of Canvas are you using different from this class (discussions, chat, etc.), and what do you think of those features?
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Have you had any problems using Canvas? Please describe. How did you solve the problem?
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Are there things you do NOT like about Canvas? Is there something you miss in Canvas that was possible in D2L?
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What advice would you give to INSTRUCTORS who are setting up a Canvas course?
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What advice would you give to STUDENTS who are using Canvas?
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What is your overall impression of Canvas?
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