The Philippines Official Cashflow 101 Workshop
Start your journey to financial freedom NOW by discovering how YOU can GET OUT of the RAT RACE through Robert Kiyosaki's popular CASHFLOW101 board game.

Our Cashflow101 Workshop is packed with vital information that will show you how to turn Robert Kiyosaki’s principles and ideas into actual, real-world opportunities to generate additional cash flow for you & your family. Whether you are new to financial information or a seasoned investor, the board game will definitely help you transform your "money mindset".

What You Will Learn:
-How rich people create their wealth
-The type of assets that make rich people richer
-The process of getting out of the rat race
-Learn how to spot good investment
-Steps to Financial Freedom the "Rich Dad way"
-Skills needed to create wealth
-How to make money work for you instead of you working for money
-The imperative nature of accountability, and many more!

NEVER allow Yourself to be in the Rat Race all throughout your Life.

Empower and improve your life, get your tickets NOW!

WHAT: The Official Cas9
flow 101 Workshop - PAMPANGA
WHEN: January 20, 2019 (Sunday)
12:30PM - 7:00PM
WHERE: Hotel EuroAsia City
Don Juico Avenue
Angeles City, Pampanga
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