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The majority of Vida patients only speak Spanish, if you are interested in volunteering in a patient centered role   (MA, front desk, patient scheduler, patient follow up) we require that you be fully english/ spanish bilingual. However, we also have remote opportunities without this requirement which are equally as important. We want to make sure that you get the experience you are looking for when volunteering with Vida, therefore we ask that you be as transparent and honest as possible in your responses.   *
As a healthcare facility, Vida must comply with the mandates that LA County has put in place or will be subject to fines or closure. *This does not apply to remote volunteers or volunteers at our outdoor events/clinics. Please feel free to reach out individually for any questions or concerns. Vida appreciates all of its volunteers and we are doing our best to keep us all healthy. We also need to be compliant in order to continue serving this community that needs our services.  Proof of vaccination: If you are agree to volunteer at our Granada Hills location you will be asked to provide us with a copy of your covid vaccine card. We need to have proof of the COVID-19 vaccine or an exemption letter on file in order to comply with LA county healthcare facility mandate. *
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Remote opportunities are listed below. Please all you are interested in helping with. Each opportunity will be offered based on availability. *
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What do you want to get out of this experience? (This can be anything along the lines of you want to help the population that Vida serves to I need more volunteer hours before applying to programs). *
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