Memphis Music Community Leaders
The Center for Memphis Music at Visible Music College believes that a unified Memphis Music Community brings income, benefit, and sustainability for everyone. We believe that the time is now to unify the Memphis Music Community Leaders.
To promote a unified Memphis Music community for everyone, we ask you 6 questions. Responses will remain private.
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How would an aligned Memphis Music Community benefit your bottom line specifically? *
What specific and permanent result would you want out of an aligned Memphis Music Community? *
What specific project or event are you working on that you would like to make sure is aligned (not duplicated) and supported?
What specific expertise or time would you be willing to contribute in support of an aligned Memphis Music Community? *
Would you be willing to join (for free) a group of 100+ Memphis Music Community Leaders for alignment? *
Who are the top 10 commercially successful Artists or Industry professionals you ever worked with? (within or outside of the Memphis Music Community) *
Would you be willing to invite these contacts to events in Memphis designed to directly unify and benefit the Memphis Music Community? *
Is there anyone you believe should receive this Memphis Music Community email that we may have missed? List them here with email address. *
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