LHS Budget: Staff Member Application
Thank you for your interest in applying to be on the journalism staff next year to work on the Red & Black yearbook, The Budget newspaper or lhsbudget.com.

Students selected for staff will be asked to enroll in Digital Journalism (first year yearbook OR newspaper staff members) and Digital Media Design & Production (second year yearbook OR newspaper staff members).

Applications for staff members are due by Thursday, Feb. 22.

To avoid frustration when filling out this application...

1. Make sure you have time to complete the entire application in one sitting.

2. Do NOT hit "back" on your web browser or you will lose your application.

3. Click on "Submit" when you are finished or your application will NOT be saved.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by email btholen@usd497.org or stop by Room 139.

Final staff decisions will be made before the end of the semester, and those accepted and those not accepted will be notified.

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Check the top 2 stuff duties that interest you. Note: Staff members may be required to sell ads regardless of their position on staff.
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This information is used to contact students who are accepted to the program during the summer regarding out-of-school activities like camp and workshops.
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Short Answer Questions
For this section it is helpful to have thought out your answers and type them up in a separate program before you submit your application. Then when you are ready, copy and paste your responses into the appropriate fields. Keep in mind, in addition to your answers, the WAY you write is taken into consideration. For example can you write tight, yet accurate and interesting paragraphs? Keep your answers between 50-100 words.
Why do you want to join staff? *
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What skills will you bring to this journalism staff that will make it better? *
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What is one suggestion you have to make the yearbook, newspaper or lhsbudget.com better? Be specific. *
NOTE: Show you know the publication you are applying for. Don't worry about hurting our feelings. There is ALWAYS room for improvement.
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List one teacher who would recommend you for staff. *
NOTE: When selecting teachers for a reference, chose teachers with recent knowledge of your skills. Do NOT use a middle school teacher as a reference.
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This application is an agreement that I am ready to make a commitment to the Lawrence High School Journalism Department. I am aware of the considerable time required to produce a quality product.

Not meeting these time requirements — occasional work nights and other work days — can be grounds for my removal from a position, as can ethical violations as outlined in the staff manual.

I agree to dedicate myself to the publication and the other staff members to produce a newspaper / yearbook of the highest quality possible.

I understand that if I am selected, I am making a commitment to the student publication staff and I will be responsible for learning academic skills and applying them to the creation of the school publication (newspaper or yearbook).

Evaluation and grades will be based on application and mastery of skills. I also understand that some time outside of class must be devoted to accomplish the tasks and that the adviser must be able to require extra time be spent outside of school in order to meet publisher deadlines.

Answer "Yes" or "No" to confirm that you have read and agree to the "Commitment Statement" above. *
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