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Vision: At Western, we foster awareness of sustainable practices through the wise management of natural resources and the protection of air and water quality.
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Goal 1: Reduce the consumption of natural resources in grounds maintenance.
• Objective 1.1: Develop, and implement the use of, a preferred plant species list to reduce water consumption for each of the campus landscape type - formal, semi-formal, and native.
• Objective 1.2: Develop dashboard of irrigation water consumption per irrigated area.
• Objective 1.3: Evaluate the viability of rain and soil moisture sensors to reduce excess water consumption.
• Objective 1.4: Compost and use yard debris on campus for moisture retention and weed suppression, and to eliminate the environmental and transport costs associated with purchasing mulch.
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Goal 2: Reduce air and noise pollution through the use of sustainable landscape equipment.
• Objective 2.1: Continue to evaluate all equipment requests to determine whether a viable electric alternative exists.
• Objective 2.2: Continue to add electric vehicles and equipment to the Outdoor Maintenance shop as budget allows.
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Goal 3: Reduce pesticide use through Integrated Pest Management.
• Objective 3.1: Continuing Education classes in Integrated Pest Management for all gardeners.
• Objective 3.2: Continue finding more sustainable ways to reduce pest issues.
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Goal 4: Enhance stormwater treatment and reduce pollutant runoff from campus streets and parking lots.
• Objective 4.1: Comply with all DOE-required stormwater maintenance activities.
• Objective 4.2: Establish regular street sweeping contract to reduce potential pollution runoff to surface waters.
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Goal 5: Provide education on sustainable practices and foster environmental stewardship through the student employment program.
• Objective 5.1: Continue goal of employing at least six (6) seasonal student employees in the Outdoor Maintenance shop.
• Objective 5.2: Establish exit interview questionnaire for departing student employees to help tailor the educational component of this program.
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