Mela 12 Masterclass Facilitators Application Form
Mela 12 Masterclass taking place in EGYPT .

Kindly note, it is mandatory that all facilitators must attend the Facilitator Academy starting on the 23rd of Feb and continuing on the 24th of Feb.
Facilitators must plan to arrive to EGYPT on the 22nd  and plan to depart on the 7th, or 10th  in case they are planning to attend the GNS.

 We ask that facilitators must commit to joining monthly zoom meetings (TBD) of the Mela 12 Facilitator Corps - each month leading up to the masterclass program. In these virtual sessions, they will have the opportunity to meet and start bonding with your co-facilitator, meeting and knowing all the members of the Facilitator Corps, and explore leadership skills - inherently important to the success of our Learning Groups - in our Masterclass.

“The Foundation of Facilitation”

1. Must be fluent in English.
2. Must have been a member of a network for at least one year after your initial masterclass/academy graduation.
3. Must have a strong professional background: Having some training as coach or facilitator can be helpful but real-world experience leading people is paramount.
4. Must commit to working long hours and attend all the plenary sessions and all the Leaning Group sessions and Facilitators’ meetings as required.
5. Undivided attention during plenary sessions and learning groups.
6. Willing to commit to the cost of travel, incidentals and the time to work on a volunteer basis (all expenses for lodging, meals, local transportation and Masterclass materials will be covered by Mela).
7. Must read carefully “The Foundation for Facilitation” to make sure that you qualify for facilitation.

1. Please fill out the application form below and click SUBMIT.
The deadline for submission of applications is January 8th,2022.
2. The Mela Selection Committee will be reviewing the applications and selecting qualified facilitators. In addition to the above criteria we also try to balance for experience, gender and geography to expand the facilitator bench.
3. You will be notified of the committee’s decision before the February, 2022 .

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I understand that the Mela 12 Masterclass is an intensive leadership development program that requires my full-time commitment as a facilitator for nearly TWO weeks, up to 12-14 hours a day in the service of the participants and their needs. I further understand that I have a special responsibility as a positive leadership role model and Mela ambassador. My actions will be reflective of this responsibility. My commitment includes participation in the monthly pre-Masterclass Facilitator Corps meetings, attending the two days Facilitator Academy and the entire 10- day Mela 12 masterclass. I also understand that I am responsible for paying for my travel to and from EGYPT. Mela will provide my lodging and food expenses. All other expenses are my responsibility. By agreeing I understand and commit to the terms stated above: *
I would like to extend my stay for Part II of the GNS (from March 7th to March 10th) in EGYPT , for Facilitators selected for Mela 12 masterclass, only the second part of the reunion will be charged. *
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