YourDesk Python Workshop Series Live Recording
We are so excited to provide our first full YourDesk University workshop series. To help us out with the first time we test this out. We are looking for committed people to join a live recording of a python workshop. These sessions will be 2 hours long the next 4 Wednesdays. We will open up the chat for engagement and to answer your questions as we go as well. Sessions will help people learn both theory and application of python. It will be built around Revit, but the skills will be intentionally taught for transfer to other applications as well. This will be a fast-paced course that takes users from the very basics of python and “programming logic” to advanced techniques that can help you make full add-ins and maybe applications. Huge thanks to Ehsan for submitting this idea to us and engaging with Dana and Timon to make it happen. The unique way we intend to teach the course to help people ‘keep up’ is that Ehsan will teach Dana as she follows along. Hopefully this will give those watching a pace that they can learn as well.

When will this be offered?
The live stream will be provided at 5-7 PM EST (New York) and we encourage live participation to help us gauge the movement of the course and to get your questions answered directly as we go. For those who aren't able to make the live recording the sessions or who found this link after we started, these sessions will be recorded, but only available by direct link for a time to help people catch up. The intent is for live training, so support after will be limited. Congrats on finding this. Sing up and share about this with others!

Expected dates:
Feb 3, 10, 17, 24.

WOW!!! we have had an unprecedented number of signups and that's great. We will keep the signups open through 2/9 and allow for people to catch up if they missed the first class.

See you there!!!
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