Olio After School! 2018/2019!!
Just a bit of info to get us started...

Pre-K- 6th grade.

You can change schedule weekly. This option is dependent on availability and requires you to give us the schedule each Sunday before service.

If you are on a set weekly plan-
We need to know changes Sunday Night Prior to the week of service or you will be charged for your normal schedule.

We bill on the Friday following service, however, we still need to know changes on the Sunday prior to service to help us with planning the week.

You may add days if available. Please ask!

$70 per week
$65 per week additional siblings (discount on full weeks only)

Daily (1-4 days a week)
$15 per day

Drop off!
$6 an hour (Starts at 3:00, pick up is 6:00pm)
Max of 10 hours a week.

Each year:
$40 supply fee
$35 per sibling

The web site may not be updated with new pricing/policy.

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