Registration Form for Returning Students
Use this form ONLY for students who were enrolled at North Lake School as of June 1, 2020. If your student has never attended North Lake School or was enrolled at another school last spring, (In person or online), use the form for new or transferring students located on the North Lake School Website.
Email address *
Parent / Guardian 1 First and Last Name *
Parent Guardian 2 First and Last Name
Phone number. (We will be calling this number to set up your parent/ student orientation meeting) *
Physical Address (No PO Boxes, this is to help determine bus routes) *
Mailing Address if different from Physical Address
Parent / Guardian 1: Phone number. *
Parent / Guardian 2: Phone number.
Student 1: First and Last name *
Student 2: First and Last name
Student 3: First and Last name
Student 4: First and Last name
If you are re - enrolling more than 4 students please submit a second form.
Do you have Internet access in your home? *
Much of this school years instructional content will be placed online. Will your student(s) require a school issued Chromebook to access coursework? *
North Lake will be able to attend school 2 ways this year. Online only, where instructional content will be provided through Acellus Academy and North Lake School teachers. The second option is on-site instruction when it is allowed by the state and online instruction when students can't meet on-site. On-site instruction will be daily for grades K-4 and every other day for grades 5-12. *
Students and parents will be required to attend an on-site orientation and conference with teachers. What is your preference for Day and Time? (Check all that apply) *
Are there any current legal restrictions or restraining orders pertaining to any of the students listed that are not already on record with the school? *
Do any of the above students have new medical concerns or allergies that are not already on record with the school? *
Please list an emergency contact who is allowed to take your student(s) home in the case of illness, when we are unable to contact you. We will call to verify with this person that they are willing to pick up a sick child. *
Phone number of emergency contact listed above. *
Will your student(s) be riding the bus at any time this year? *
Will one of your students be driving to school this year? *
The "No Child Left Behind act of 2001 requires school districts to provide, upon request, the name, addresses and phone numbers of Junior and seniors to military recruiters, colleges and universities. If you do not wist the school to provide this information about your student(s) you may OPT OUT below by checking one or both options. Or you may check the "Not Applicable" option *
Every student has the right to be transported in the case of medical emergencies. If you do not wish the school to transport your child in case of a medical emergency you must notify the school in writing within 15 days of starting school. *
FERPA allows the district to provide Directory Information upon request without prior permission of parents or students. (Directory Information is used in certain school publications like: Yearbooks, Honor Rolls, Graduation Programs, and programs at sporting events.) If you do not want the school to publish directory information on your student you must notify the school in writing within 15 days of starting school. *
This district utilizes Google Apps for Education. Parents must read and submit a Chromebook User Agreement for their student(s) to be issued an education account and Chromebook. You may revoke permission at anytime. The Chromebook Agreement can be found at *
Type your name below: This will stand in for the Parent/Guardian signature until we meet with you at your students orientation the week of September 8th-11th, 2020. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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