Camp Half-Blood CIT Interest Form
Thanks for you interest in being a CIT for Camp Half-Blood. While being a CIT is incredibly rewarding, it is also a lot of hard work and time. This interest form is for us to get an idea of who would like to be a CIT as well as availability, but is in no way binding or final.
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What city do you live in? *
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What is your phone number? *
A parent's number or house line is acceptable if you are not comfortable putting you own here, but we do ask that all staff members have a working cell phone during camp because it is essential to our communication. We'll have Hermes upgrade it to the G-Phone network for safety.
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What is a good email address to reach you at? *
Once again, a parent's email address is acceptable if that is preferred.
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Have you attended camp before? *
If so, who is your godly parent?
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