House District Leader Application
This application is for individuals wanting to be House District Leaders in Washington County. The expectations of what a House District Leader must do is explained in our party bylaws Article V; Section 5:

"Up to four (4) leaders for each House District shall be appointed by the Chair for each Oregon
House of Representatives District, or portion thereof, in Washington County. House District
leaders’ appointments maybe rescinded by written, or e-mail, notice from the Chair. House District
leaders shall: provide leadership and encouragement to the precinct committeepersons of their
district; recruit and offer in nomination persons willing to serve as precinct committeepersons;
coordinate, within their districts, voter registration drives, "get out the vote" efforts, and distribution
of sample ballots and candidates literature; and be members of the Campaign Committee."

Outline of Essential Duties not included Party Bylaws

-House District Leaders all serve on the Campaign Committee with the Field Director

-Coordinate Efforts with fellow House District Leaders from their House District

-House District Leaders assist the Training Committee in training new PCPs and Neighborhood Leaders

-House District Leaders take the lead on Community Outreach events in their House District with the Community Outreach Committee

-Work with the Field Director to develop goals and a plan for recruitment of Neighborhood Leaders in their district

-House District Leaders should make a goal of spending 20 hours a year to recruiting Neighborhood Leaders & PCPs

-House District Leaders should act as a coach to their Neighborhood Leaders & PCPs in helping them get involved in the county party

-Track Progress of Neighborhood Leaders & PCPs in outreach to voters and individual goals made for each house district

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Are you currently a Neighborhood Leader?
Are you currently a PCP?
Please describe your previous involvement with the Washington County Democrats?
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What kind of non Democratic Party experience do you have that will help you as a House District Leader?
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Are you currently a House District Leader?
Which House District are you applying for?
Are you willing to attend organizing meetings as member of the Campaign Committee?
Why do you want to be a House District Leader?
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Please explain your efforts as an HDL (if you were one) in the 2016 Election
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How do you intend to help recruit more Neighborhood Leaders in your district?
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How familiar are you with your State Representative and State Senator? (if you are in a district with a Democrat) and how do you intend to build a better relationship with them in the district?
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What kinds of community events in your district do you plan to help the county party organize with local PCPs and Neighborhood Leaders?
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On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least and 10 being most) how comfortable are you with NLP Services?
On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least and 10 being most) how comfortable are you with Votebuilder (VAN)?
On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least and 10 being most) how comfortable are you with Facebook?
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