Eugene DSA
We want to collectivize and simplify the dues paying process for our members. We'd like you to tell us where you want your dues payment, if any, to go. If you can't pay, we want to pay your dues in a collectivized process where other members donations cover you, and we send National a check on your behalf, so that you can participate as a member in good standing regardless of ability to pay. With this method, you also have greater control over who your dues money supports, and how much of it goes where.

What We Need From You:
Just provide us a little information about you and your method of payment. If you choose to pay dues to National, we will cut them a check. If you choose to support your DSA local here in Eugene or our University of Oregon Young Democratic Socialists branch, we will make sure your dues money supports those organizations and the work they do. If you can't pay dues right now, don't worry. We will pay dues to National on your behalf and make sure your membership is still in good standing.
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