Exchange Concert- SPMS Choir Extra Credit Assignment
Please answer the following questions using complete sentences (3-4 per question), with descriptive and detailed responses. Full credit (50 points) will only be given to students that answer all questions. Please complete by Wednesday 5/30/18.
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1. Why did you choose to attend this concert? *
2. Describe the concert location (the venue itself). *
3. How many people do you estimate were in the audience? *
4. What kind of performers/musicians did you hear? *
5. What genres and styles of music did you hear? *
6. What do you feel was the peak point, musically, of the performance? How was this achieved? *
7. Did any of the pieces remind you of works covered in class? In what way? *
8. What was the general 'mood' of the performance? *
9. What did you like the best about this concert? *
10. What did you like the least? *
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