Parent and Family Engagement Plan Review 21-22
Building Capacity
Describe how the school will implement activities building the capacity for meaningful parent/family involvement, relationships with the community to improve student achievement, materials and trainings to assist parents/families to work with their children, and any other reasonable support for parent/family engagement activities [ESEA Section 1116] Response:

Administration and staff at Chumuckla welcome all parents/guardians and volunteers to assist and support the school to make it a safe and successful learning environment. Chumuckla provides multiple educational opportunities for
students and families, with a goal of building the best possible partnerships to increase academic achievement.  The following activities will be based on CDC guidelines, some of these activities may be held virtually or not held at all.  Activities CES provides throughout the year are listed below:

1  STEAM/ Family Night   Classroom Teachers  Parent and family participate in STEAM activities that include Florida Standards in Math and Science.    Parent Survey/sign in sheet            
2   FSA Family Night  Principal/Teachers  Parents are invited to attend a meeting of information regarding Florida Standards Assessments as well as test-taking strategies.  Parents have the opportunity to participate with students using sample test questions.  Student performance Results from Assessments
3  Book Fair  Media Specialist  Focuses literacy across curriculum; reading for leisure; and student achievement.  October 2021 Spring 2022  Book sales; AR participation and comprehension test results
4  Virtual Annual Title I Parent Meeting/Open House  Danny Carnley  Provide information on Title I, membership in PTO, and elect reps for SAC.  Virtually Sign in sheets  
5  Annual Christmas Program  Holly Harris  Participation includes using skills learned from state "fine art" standards  December 2021  music art grades/performance participation, attendance, sign off sheet
6  Parent/teacher meetings  Classroom teacher  Meeting parents to build a strong foundation for education (including current achievement levels, progress during first 9 weeks of school, home activities to build on school work, etc) and rapport with school  August 2021  Student performance results from Unify and FSA -May have to be virtually
7  Family Literacy Night Event  Laura Looze- AIS/Literacy Leadership Team  Families are invited to participate in a family night of reading and fun. The event is meant to show families that reading together can be fun and rewarding.  October 2021  Parent Climate Surveys
8  Awards Day Ceremony  Principal and School Counselor  Parents are invited to attend a ceremony each semester in which students receive awards for grades, attendance and good behavior. Students are recognized for learning gains in Reading and Math.  May 2022  Parent Climate Survey
9  Meet the Teacher  All Staff  Familiarize parents and children with locations, schedules and classroom/teacher assignments.  August 2021  Sign in Sheets, Climate Surveys
10  Spring Band/Chorus Concert  Holly Harris  Parents attend this event as students perform a chorus/band program.  May 2022  Student/Parent Surveys
11   CES Science Fair  Melissa Johnson-5th grade teacher  Parents are encouraged to help students with Science Projects and to participate in our annual Science Fair  TBD  FSA Science
12  Parent Writing Workshop  4th & 5th grade teachers  Parents are given the opportunity to learn about the FSA Writing assessment and the expectations for 4th grade students on this assessment. They are taught what they can do to help their students be better writers.  TBD  FSA Writing Assessments
13  CES Speech Contest  Tammy Chuites-4th grade teacher  Students in grades 4-6 participate in a speech contest. Parents are invited to attend and are encouraged to help students prepare for this event.  May 2022  Parent Climate Surveys
14  Running Club  PE Teacher-Kelly Ketterer  Students and parents are invited to join a running club at CES that meets every Wednesday. They are engaged in exercise and are invited to attend local weekend events.    Parent Climate Surveys
15   Field Day  PE Teacher- Kelly Ketterer  Every class participates against each other in a friendly competition of games and fitness.  Parents are invited to attend and spend the day with their child.  Spring 2022  Sign in sheets, Climate Surveys
16   SAC Meetings  Principal  Parents are encouraged to participate in SAC meetings.  Each Quarter Sign in sheets
17  Field Trips  Classroom Teachers  Parent volunteers help provide supervision and participate in activities.  Throughout the year  Parent Participation, Climate Surveys
18  Muffins with Mom- Mothers are invited to come to school and have muffins with their child.  Spring 2022
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