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We only work with startups where we have the right expertise and talents to be of value. We also only work with startups who are ready to scale and have some ability to pay what we think of as "Fare Value" (more on this in the coming weeks). If you feel you are ready to apply, please complete this short form to start the review process.

The free mentorship session consists of a one (1) hour call with our Entrepreneur in Residence, Chris Heuer to give you a sense of our values, our approach and to determine jointly if we may be valuable advisors for your startup journey. Where feasible, other Mentor Bureau members who do not have an obvious conflict of interest will join this session. During our hour together on a web conference line, we will have a discussion about your key business fundamentals, strategies and objectives. We will then move into an advisory consultation focused around your important and urgent challenges, plans to achieve key results for your objective and the design of the leadership team which will lead your execution.

Yes, this is a try before you buy sort of opportunity where we get to figure out if we can work together. If we should work together. Whether we work together after this or don't is up to you, for the leaders of companies that meet the qualifications above we will gladly talk with you and provide whatever help we can in our hour together. So plan to come prepared, with a strong sense of purpose to get the most out of our time together. Impress us with your toughest questions and give us a chance to impress you with our creative insights.

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General Good Intentions Agreement
By submitting this form, you understand that this is a request for a free assessment and advisory session, not a guarantee of one. The act of submitting does not enter AdHocnium LLC, DBA Mentor Bureau, into any agreements (formal or informal) with you beyond agreeing to review your submission and if appropriate, follow up with further discussions that may or may not lead to a formal business relationship. We put forth our good intentions to help startups around the world find a path to scale smoothly and appreciate that you are doing the same.
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