Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Event Cancellation in Alaska
This is a brief survey offered by the Alaska Independent Musicians Initiative (AKIMI) and Anchorage Folk Festival (AFF) to collect data on the impacts of COVID-19 mitigation measures on industries in Alaska experiencing immediate impact, such as musical performances, event venues, and supporting contractors.

Unique data and any personal information you choose to provide will be kept confidential. Data collection is intended for the purposes of informing and educating governmental policymakers and philanthropic organizations who may be able to provide emergency support to our industries.

This form requests your email address ONLY in order to allow you to edit responses as more information becomes available or your situation changes. We may use this email to request additional information at a later date, but only in regards to "Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Event Cancellation in Alaska". If you do not wish to provide identifying data, please use as your email address and do not request a response receipt.
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