<By His Stripes> guild application
To help us quickly process your application, immediately after you complete this questionnaire, please log into your main character on any of the below realms for Alliance and look for an officer.

To do this, type /who By His Stripes, pick any name on the list then whisper them and ask for an officer. Please repeat this process periodically until you are able to speak with an officer. Your participation will help us expedite your introduction to your new family!

Accepting realms from:
- Agamaggan
- Archimonde
- Blade's Edge
- Burning Legion
- Jaedenar
- Kargath
- Norgannon
- The Underbog
- Thunderhorn

/updated 25 March 2022 BHS Leadership
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What is the name of the character you would like to join By His Stripes with? Please give us your game name and your first name separated by a comma. (ex. Makarios, Jay) *
To best serve our community can you share what age bracket you belong to? If you are below, the age of 16 we would like *
What name do you want to be referred to as here in BHS? Your toon's name or something else? *
Do you understand that By His Stripes is a Christian based guild and agree to abide by our guild beliefs and behavior as outlined on our Discord server #beliefs-and-behavior text channel? *
How did you hear about By His Stripes? *
Are you currently in a guild? If yes, what is their name and what is prompting you to make a change? (Please summarize, this is not an area to attack another guild) *
Have you ever been in or applied to BHS? If yes, what was your toon name and the circumstances regarding your departure? *
Do you know anyone in BHS that can be a reference, either in real life or in-game? Please share their character name with us. *
Is there a meaning or story behind the character name that you are applying to the guild with? *
What is your Battle Tag ID# (this can be found in the upper right corner of your Battle.net log in screen). It is a name followed by a number, please include both. (ex: makariosjay#1234) *
What are your interests in WoW? (ex. raiding, questing etc...) [there is no wrong answer, please share as much or as little as you wish]
Please provide your email address *
Are all of your answers above true to the best of your knowledge? *
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