First Nations Women - Emilys List Australia (FN-ELA) Program Survey
Australia would be a better place with more First Nations women in our Parliaments and councils. EMILY’s List Australia (ELA) has supported over 260 women into elected positions since 1996 and is now developing a targeted program – First Nations Women ELA (FNELA)

The FNELA program is being developed by Ashlee Wone, a proud Ngiyampaa, Wiradjuri and Ngemba woman, with support from ELA volunteers, and in consultation with First Nations women who have started on the leadership path or are considering it.

This survey will help us develop a program for encouraging, training, supporting and mentoring First Nations women into elected office in Australia. This survey dives in to find the specific obstacles and barriers First Nations women face and to find suitable support systems to overcome them. With this survey and further consultations, the program will be built and delivered for interested First Nations women.
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What issues do you see in the community that you want to improve? It can be the community you live in or the community back home, please tell us which one, per issue. *
Do you feel empowered to make change in your community?   *
How confident do you feel being a leader? *
What interests you in politics? *
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Are you currently or have you ever been a member of, or engaged with, a political party?  e.g. attended a forum, campaigned for a candidate, donated, become a member. Tell us which party, if you are comfortable to do so.
What do you know about political parties? *
What do you think politicians and councillors do in their role? *
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Is there anything in this Nation you would like to change? *
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Which, if any, of these leadership roles have you or will you consider for yourself? (You can select more than one). If you have another role to add, please use "Other". *
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If you were to stand as a candidate for election, what support do you have for yourself, and for your campaign? *
What do think is the first step when putting yourself forward for election? *
Do you know what costs are involved in running a campaign for election? (E.g. campaigning materials, fees to AEC, etc.) *
This can be from fundraising and donations
Do you know what you can earn as a politician from salary and entitlements? *
Do you know what support you get as a politician? *
Have you ever done any fundraising? *
What obstacles or barriers do you see for yourself as a candidate? *
Do you have any role models? Who are they? What do you admire about them? *
Do you have, or have you ever had, a mentor? *
If yes, how was the experience of having a mentor for you?
What skills or knowledge do you think you need to develop before you consider stepping up for a leadership role? *
Do you consider yourself a progressive left woman? *
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